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Styles for Curly Hair

Curly Hair

Curly hair can be a blessing and a curse for many people. Curls can get quite annoying and won’t always settle the way you want them to. For those who struggle with natural curls on a daily basis, you know that it is just simply not possible to break out the straightener every day. On the other hand, beautiful, voluptuous curls are a gorgeous look that is desired by many. Depending on the length of your hair as well as the shape of your curls there are so many different hairstyles and options for curly hair! Put away that straightener and embrace those luscious curls!

Short Curly Hair

Short Curly hair looks great with a bob and long bangs. The volume of the short hair with its curls allows for a free and bouncy hairstyle that looks great. You can also experiment with the bangs as well, keep them curly or straighten them and push them to the side. The great thing about short curly hair too, is that it looks great messy!

Medium- Length Curly Hair

Once hair starts getting longer, the curls become different throughout. More curls and waves happen once hair grows out, which means more variations of hairstyles that are available! Shoulder length hair is perfect for any sort of pony or braid option, it also gives you the option for a bun. Of course, there are hundreds of different bun or braid options, but the good thing is, many of them work with curly hair. In fact, some even look better with curly hair!

Long Curly Hair

Similar to medium length curly hair, long curly hair also provides many options for hairstyles and designs. Again, braids and buns are always recommended for long hair. Messy half buns are a stylish look with long curly hair. Braiding sections can also offer a distinct hairstyle. Messy ringlets can show a beautiful natural look too.

Whatever length of curly hair you have, have no fear! There are so many different hairstyles and designs that you will find the one for you! If you need help with your curly hair, contact esalon studio and our expert hair stylists will help you find the perfect style for your beautiful curly hair!

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