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Hair Care Tips for the Summer

The summer is almost here, and as happy we are to finally dive into this beautiful season, there is something to keep in mind. As the blasting sun can be dangerous to your skin, the UV rays can also be harmful to your hair. The ultraviolet rays take a toll on our hair’s outer layer as well as the hair shaft. This is especially noticeable on color-treated hair, that without proper care and protection can get faded and brassy in the summer.


Dermatologists admit, staying under the summer sun all day is an equivalent of using a hair dryer throughout the whole time. There’s more bad news to those of us who can’t live without a beach: saltwater and chlorine are another two factors we should try to avoid unless we want our tresses to literally look fried.


Summer is short, and there’s no time for bad hair days. Follow these celebrity hair stylists’ tips and make sure your hair looks great even on the steamiest of days.


Good Start

Start the summer with a trim! Even the slightest trim will refresh your hair’s look by taking care of split ends. If you’re a risk-taker, this is a perfect timing for a shorter cut – hair does grow faster in the summer.


Daily Protection

If you don’t do so yet, make time in your morning routine to always apply a protective hair product. There’s a wide range of brands that make excellent sprays and gels with ultraviolet filters, which will protect your hair from sun damage and color fading. Ask your hairstylist at E Salon for a personalized recommendation!


Swimming Tips

If you don’t want your hair to absorb pool chemicals and saltwater, make sure to saturate it with a leave-in conditioner. After taking a dip, always rinse your hair with fresh water.


More Moisture

Your hair needs extra moisture in the summer. Even if your hair tends to get greasy the second day, consider switching to a moisturizing conditioner.


Skip the Hot Tools

If you don’t give up your hair dryer, curling iron or a straightener for the summer, try at least minimizing its usage as much as possible. Wash your hair before going to bed and leave it in a bun or two, this way you’ll wake up with a cute beach wave.  

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