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Fighting and Preventing Frizzy Hair


Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be such a pain, and sometimes it comes out of nowhere! Walk outside on a humid day and poof there it is. Frizzy hair is not sleek or shiny, it’s just frizzy. It’s caused by a lack of moisture in your hair but don’t worry, there are some steps you can take to combat frizz and restore your hairs natural shine!

Choose the Right Shampoo

Everyone’s hair is different, people’s hair reacts differently to different products, especially shampoo. If your hair is regularly frizzy it could be sensitive to your current shampoo. Try using a natural shampoo that has organic moisturizers, this will be easier on your hair. Do not over wash your hair either, your hair only needs to be shampooed about twice a week. Shampooing rinses hair of natural oils which are healthy for hair and actually help prevent frizz. Choose a gentle, natural shampoo and don’t over wash!


Same with shampoo, certain conditioners can have more positive effects on your hair. Again, try to choose a natural hydrating conditioner with protein or natural oils. Your hair soaks up the natural oils better and it creates a more natural shine. Apply conditioner after shampoo and apply it halfway down your hair, avoiding your roots.

Frizz Free Products

After you switch to more natural shampoos and conditioners and still notice some frizz, finish the job with anti-frizz hydrating treatment. There are tons of these products on the market, all claiming they’re the best. Trial and error is once again the best method. Find the product that works best for you, talk to your local salon experts, and fight that frizz!

All of these frizz-fighting methods differ from person to person, and from hair to hair, so it is important to keep trying different methods until you find the one that works for you. The weather is getting cold, and the air is getting dry, and it may dry your hair out. Make sure to moisturize regularly and shine on! For any questions or tips on how to fight frizzy hair or the best products to use, contact the salon professionals at E Salon Studio today!

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