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Best Hairstyles with Bangs

In case you haven’t noticed, bangs are back! Bangs are in again and we could not be more excited! Bangs are extremely versatile and there are so many different styles and ways that you can wear your bangs that it can be hard to decide on a style you like. We are going to highlight a few popular bang styles that can look great on anybody!

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are one of the most popular styles out right now. Curtain bangs are a beautiful look and can be done with straight hair or curly hair. Curtain bangs can be somewhat difficult to style but when they are done right they perfectly frame that beautiful face of yours and draw attention to your eyes. Curtain bangs themselves can be worn in many styles but the fringe with a middle part is among the more popular, not to mention gorgeous styles we see with curtain bangs.

Thick Bangs

Thick bangs are more suited for people with thick hair, of course, these bangs are straight and to the point. They work well with thick hair because they fill out the entire forehead but if your hair is to thin the bangs would become wispier. This set can also make oval faces look a bit thinner.

Side Swept

Side swept bangs are a classic look and when done right they look amazing. It can be difficult to style them and slick them in place, but when paired with a smooth part, the side swept bang look is timeless.

These are only a few of the virtually limitless style options you have when you choose to go with bangs, if you’re thinking of trying out bangs but aren’t sure about which style you want, visit e salon studio and one of our professional hair stylists will work with you to find your perfect bang style!

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