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3 Easy Summer Hairstyles

August is still ahead of us, and you want your hair to look amazing despite the heat and humidity. There are simple styles that you can do that will leave you looking summer-ready and beautiful. Here are 3 easy summer hairstyles to showcase.


Messy Side Braid with Long Hair

Step 1. Begin by sweeping your hair to the side and loosely fastening it with a rubber band or hair bungee. Ensure the rubber band is pulled low and not close to the nape.

Step 2. Divide the side ponytail into two sections and tease, which is the key step that gives you the volume and messy texture to pull off the look.

Step 3: Hold the separate sections of hair and begin twisting, moving each section of hair around the other until you reach the end of the hair.

Step 4: Use the twisted ponytail to create a bun by wrapping the hair.

Step 5: Tuck the hair and secure with a bobby pin about an inch from the bottom of your strands, allowing the ends to fray.


Half up Fishtail Ponytail

Step 1: Begin by adding some texture to your hair, like loose curl, but only if you prefer. You can simply leave it straight, but add some texturizing spray that will hold the braid.

Step 2: Use a comb to make a part from ear to ear, and gather the hair into a half-up ponytail, pulling it to the back of the head, where you’ll secure it with a hair tie.

Step 3: Divide your ponytail in two separate sections that are of the same thickness.

Step 4: Grab a thin strand of hair from the outer edge of the left section and cross it over the middle.

Step 5: Without dropping the hair between the two sections, add the thin strand to the right section

Step 6: Repeat the step for the right section, crossing the hair from the edge of the right section, and adding it to the left section. Continue braiding until you reach the end, ensuring that you alternate between the left and right sides.

Step 7: Use a hair tie or rubber band to secure the fishtail braid and fluff to add volume.


Perfect High Ponytail

Step 1: Add a little dry shampoo if your hair is freshly washed or hair spray to make styling easier.

Step 2: Brush hair towards the crown of the head thoroughly to remove tangles or knots.

Step 3: Lift small sections of the hair about midway from the crown and use a teasing comb to slightly tease the hair and give it some volume at the top.

Step 4: Use one hand to hold the hair in place and gather the hair in a ponytail at the back of your crown. Gently smooth out the hair with a brush or comb with little emphasis on the top where you teased.

Step 5: Use a hair tie or hair bungee to secure the ponytail, twisting it into a figure 8 and looping the hair through until it is tight enough to hold the ponytail in place.

Step 6: Style with hairspray lightly to keep hair in place.


These are three fun and easy summer hairstyles that you can rock. They will leave you feeling chick, flirty and beautiful, walking into the fall in full glam.

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